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Wrinkle Treatment

Why do we get wrinkles? There are four reasons for wrinkles: the natural aging process, external environmental influences (e.g. solar radiation), habits (e.g. smoking) and mimic activity of the facial muscles.

Mimic wrinkles at the forehead (“worry lines”), between the eyes (“anger lines”) as well as around the eyes (“crow feet”) are quite intense. The more often the skin is being stressed by mimic activity, the faster and more intense wrinkles occur. Even if the face is relaxed, the wrinkles are still visible, so the face seems sorrowful, stressed or angry. Whether a person gets this kind of wrinkles or not is absolutely free from the individual age, even younger people might already show these dominant wrinkles.

We offer different methodes of wrinkle treatments e.g. with hyaluronic acids or autologous fat. Both treatment methodes are done outpatient in local anaesthesia in our facilities in Munich, Germany. One treatment takes about 20 - 60 minutes depending on the individual finding and chosen method.

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