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Benign Skin Growth/ Non-Cancerous Skin Abnormalities

The skin is the outer covering of the body. It is the largest organ of the integumentary system. Because it interfaces with the environment, skin plays a key role in protecting the body against germs and excessive water loss. Other functions are insulation and temperature regulation. Apart from all of this vital functions the skin defines mainly our appearances. As skin ages its appearances changes. It becomes thinner and more easily damaged.

Birthmarks, warts, fibroma, age spots, pigmented moles etc. class among so-called non-cancerous skin abnormalities. This skin changes are bothering you? We in our facilities in Munich, Germany can help you to get rid of all those kinds of skin changes.

Non-cancerous skin abnormalities and annoying skin tags can be removed outpatient in local anaesthesia by conventional or laser surgery. Both methods leave almost no scars.

If necessary, the removed tissue will be histological examined. Post-operative care is limited to the application of special ointments. There is no other discomfort to be expected.

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