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Cosmetic Ear Surgery/ Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

The most frequent form of the cosmetic ear surgery is the so called ear pinning. Getting prominent ears pinned is mostly not only a decision based on aesthetic reasons. Prominent ears often go along with emotional and social issues. Especially kids in a very young age often get picked on because of their ears. In the worst case this could lead to serious mental issues. This is why it is recommended to get the child´s ear pinned before its first day at school.

Prominent ears are often caused by a deformity of the cartilage where in most cases the main folding of the ears hasn´t fully evolved or is completely missing. Also growth can cause deformity of the cartilage requiring cosmetic ear surgery.

Firstly needs the cartilage to be laid open. This can be done per incision at the back of the ear, this also has the advantage that there won´t be any visible scars. The cartilage gets thinned out so that it can be reshaped. When the desired form is achieved stitches fix the position.

Are the results this kind of correction can achieve not satisfying there is more that can be done through this access at the back of the ear e.g. resharpening the external ear.

The procedure - correction of the auricles and the pinning of prominent ears - can be performed in local anaesthesia and when the patient is a child in general anaesthesia (children from the age of five).

The surgery takes about 30-40 minutes each ear. A post-operative head should be worn for 4 to 6 days until the stitches are being removed. Usually 10 days past surgery there is no more social or physical discomfort.

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