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Smart Lipo / Laser Lipolysis

Harmonious body silhouette: SmartLipo – the gentle treatment for the body’s problem areas and a secret weapon in case of excessive sweating

Simple intervention – life changing effect: attractive body contours and a tight skin!

You just can’ t get rid of those little fat pads even if you’ re exercising on a regular basis and eat a balanced diet! Thanks to the Smart Lipo laser lipolysis you don’ t need to lose hope. Main characteristic of the laser lipolysis is the gentleness of the procedure, with minimal surgical interventions. That provides a short recovery period as well as minimal pain after the treatment.

Through small incisions gets the laser to where it is actually needed. The procedure of Smart Lipo/Laser Lipolysis works with the help of the emitted laser energy which breaks through the fat cell membranes in an effective and safe way.

The fat lysate can be separated and reabsorbed easily. That's the main advantage for everyone who doesen't like a liposuction. If necessary or additionally desired it's easier to perform a manual suction after the laser lipolysis.

While the laser energy thightens the subcutaneous connective tissue, the regeneration of collagen is stimulated. The problem of dermatochalasis is being reduced. The method provides excellent results in the long term treatment of cellulite.

In case of excessive sweating, the laser lipolysis is an effective and long-lasting alternative compared to similar traditional procedures. Through laser lipolysis, the sweat glands are being broken up and their number is getting reduced.

The minimal invasive laser lipolysis is an outpatient treatment done in local anaesthesia with only very few risks involved.

We usually recommend for the problem of hyperhydrosis to combine the two procedures of smart lipo and liposuction. In that method we get the best results.

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