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Lip Augmentation/ Lip Enhancement

A beautiful mouth with sensuous looking, perfectly shaped lips can define your whole appearance. Full lips have been regarded as one of the timeless marks of beauty. Thin lips often give the face a tense and bitter expression. Whether lips are naturally thin or have lost definition and volume over the years, lip enhancement can recreate a more positive and also youthful look. Although the lips get more voluminous it is our first priority to maintain their natural and individual look.

There are different methods to enhance or contour the lips. Dr. Kernt decides together with the patient whether the surgical or the non-surgical procedure is the better option in the individual case, depending on the patient wishes and personal needs.

The surgical procedure of lip augmentation/ contouring takes about 60 minutes and is done in local anaesthesia. For most of the patients it takes less then ten days to go back to their every day routine. Physical activities can be practiced again after three weeks.

Implementation/ injection is the non-surgical treatment option (outpatient, local anaesthesia). Hyaluronic acid or autologous fat are applicable injection substances. Lip enhancement through the injection of autologous fat has a particularly long lasting effect since the fat agglutinates especially well with the lips tissue. This kind of non-surgical procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes as the autologous fat has to be obtained and rehashed at first.

The non-surgical method with hyaluronic acid takes up to 30 minutes.

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