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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Excessive sweating is a disease called hyperhidrosis, which often goes along with psychic strain. In cases were an underlying disease can’t be distinguished and diagnosed (e.g. a thyroid disease, dyshormonism), a botulinum toxin treatment, a sweat gland suction or even a Smart Lipo/ Laserlipolysis may be helpful.

Many people are suffering from excessive sweating, especially in the armpits as well as hands or feet. Whereas normal sweating is a natural and important function of the body, hyperhidrosis often affects quality of a persons everyday-life, since they often feel inhibited and tend to avoid demonstrative and personal gestures. This does not only effect socialising but also often leads to discomfort at work, especially for persons who are in direct contact with other people e.g. customer contact. Most people suffering form hyperhidrosis feel embarrassed. Sweating is usually associated with nervousness and/or insecurity or even with a lack of hygiene.

Sweating which is limited to smaller areas like the armpits can be successfully treated with Botulinumtoxin. The mechanism which is reducing the muscle activity during a wrinkle treatment works similar for the perspiratory glands. The stimulus transmission is temporarily inhibited. Therefore the sweat production stops.

Another very successful treatment option is the suction of the perspiratory glands (suction curettage) with tumescence local anaesthesia. This method allows a gentle and permanent removal of a large part of the perspiratory glands. A tumescence solution softens the perspiratory glands and the tissue, so a long, stub point needle is being inserted into the lower skin fat tissue through two minimal skin cuts. Now the perspiratory glands can be extracted.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or if you just feel uncomfortable while sweating, Dr. med. Kernt would be happy to give you further information about therapie options. Since Botulinumtoxin does have the admission of the German drugs authorities for the indication in case of axillary hyperhidrosis, costs for this treatment are covered by many private health insurances. If the treatment is just for cosmetical reasons, health insurance won’t cover the fees.

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