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Plastic Surgery in Munich

Dear Patients

As the head of the clinic in Munich Grunwald, I warmly welcome you to our website. The clinic has been one of the top destinations for plastic surgery in the Munich area for more than twenty five years. As a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, I am pleased and proud that I had the opportunity of taking over the management of the former clinic of Dr. Kuschnir.

Individually perceived blemishes can cause much hardship and can severely impact upon the quality of life for those affected. My goal as a plastic surgeon, is for you to be satisfied with your appearance and have a new improved self-confidence. These goals are attainable thanks to our aesthetic procedures.

Individual Counselling in Munich Grunwald

The problem areas are as individual as the person affected. This is why an aesthetic plastic surgeon will take much time and care to talk at length with each patient to discuss each treatment. Confidence and personal advice are the basis of successful treatment and the core values of my practice. At the initial consultation, I will listen to the description of your personal needs, and present an in-depth view of your physical findings, before going on to outline the detailed treatment steps that will solve your problem.

Competent Care

If you opt for a plastic surgery in my practice clinic, my team and I are will be by your side, from the time of your initial decision to your final discharge. In all fields, your well-being is of paramount importance. Many years of experience, continuous education and training and the atmosphere of mutual respect, assures the best possible results in terms of beauty and health.

Many of the operations we offer, are carried out on an outpatient basis, under local anaesthetic at the practical clinic Munich Grunwald. This concept enables us to significantly reduce medical risks. Any intervention of aesthetic plastic surgery can vary in complexity and scope. For certain treatments, I recommend at a short stay with us in Munich Grunwald. Meanwhile, my team and I will do our utmost to ensure that you feel perfectly comfortable from a medical and personal point of view.

Please contact us

If you wish to inquire more about suitable methods of aesthetic plastic surgery, please feel to contact me and my team. I will gladly welcome you at the premises of our clinic and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Dr. med. Barbara Kernt